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Feedback from clients


 "I have been a client of Catherine Atwood for many years and learned that with good nutrition, homeopathy, and exercise you can vastly improve the quality of life. Catherine has a gift and its wonderful to see her use her talents to give seminars on good nutrition. I highly recommend taking Catherine's cooking class. What makes her class so worthwhile is that the material is very easy to follow, and the knowledge you gain helps form the building blocks for a healthier lifestyle. Her passion and dedication to helping others really comes through in her work." Z.A. 

"Dear Catherine, You have been our primary health educator, well-wisher and holistic resource person. Right from the start 7 yrs. ago when the task was to build my son's fragile immunity. We saw improvement in leaps and bounds and now at 9 he has a healthy and strong immunity. During my pregnancy, delivery and lactation period with my second child, I appreciate all the advice about health and nutrition. Your remedies for my ailments during that period very often were the only things that would help me ease the many symptoms I had during the pregnancy. You having been a La Leche league leader helped immensely during my breast-feeding. Three yrs. after my last pregnancy I developed the beginnings of a thyroid problem, your dietary and lifestyle changes helped not only me but also my family. Ear infections, influenza, sore throats, rashes and a host of other ailments in this house have been tackled by you in a gentle holistic way, not only healing the issue but building immunity towards it. I am proud to say that we have keep away from the inappropirate use of antibiotics and infact my children have never used antibiotics till date. So thank you for the great 7-yrs we have you as our alternative health consultant. I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone. Peace and Blessings" Susan S. 

"Catherine Atwood has been a blessing sent to our family. She has helped my son get back on his feet again while battling Bronchitis and heavy doses of antibiotics. Her insights, calm character and knowledge about foods, supplements, homeopathy, just to name a few, is astounding." 

Tanja B. 

“I have worked with Catherine Atwood for the past four years. I attended her cooking class. This is not just a cooking class; it is a holistic approach to total body nourishment. The philosophies and ideas of that 6-week class still guide me in feeding and nourishing myselfand my family on a daily basis with down-to-earth meal ideas, simple kitchen about homeopathic remedies for myself and my entire family a number of times. Catherine's patience, concern and knowledge of what is truly GOOD for our bodies goes deeper than healing just the physical through the use of real food and much-needed remedies; whether she knows it or not, she has helped us knows how deeply I respect her, and her recommendations for their family and their overall health and well-being." Jessica B. 

"Catherine is extremely knowledgable about what individuals need in order to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. She has a strong nurturing and caring nature and respects where each individual is on their journey to finding health. I have attended her cooking classes and have received individual consultation from her on many occasions. I would highly recommend Catherine if you have a desire  to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding healthier ways of cooking and eating, how to become healthier in general, or how to treat specific ailments or illnesses". Melissa F. 

"Catherine is a wonderful person and great teacher. If you have any question about nutrition and health, you have to go and see her. I am  always amazed at how much she knows. She is a walking dictionary to me! If you really want to become and stay healthy in your life, you have to take one of her classes. You will be glad you did!" C.N. 

"Catherine’s philosophy, education, and expertise is all about healing the “gut”. Once I jumped onboard with her, I realized that her method of healing involves getting to the “root” of the problem. Remedies, eating habits, and her homeopathic education has made me stronger in my healing process. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, but I feel like a new person. Catherine is involved, cares for her patients, and has been a true blessing in the healing process of myself and my children." Joanne P. 

“Catherine has been a tremendous help to my children with Cystic Fibrosis. She is realistic in working alongside our physicians, while supplementing with healthy nutritional advise that has altered the path of their lives. We are deeply indebted to her!” Terence K. 

"Catherine Atwood is an intuitive and gifted holistic nutritionist and homeopathist. With her guidance, patience and compassion, I was able to turn around some long standing health issues I couldn't resolve elsewhere. I continue to rely on her expertise for acute conditions that arise and my ongoing wellbeing." Lisa M.  .